The Angela Andrade Foundation was established at The Dallas Foundation to support metastatic breast cancer patients. Angela's family and friends want to enhance and improve the quality of life of metastatic breast cancer patients through financial support. 

Since July 2015, the Angela Andrade Foundation, has made over $55,000 in grants to 40 women. The grants have ranged from paying outstanding medical bills, mortgage payments, tuition assitance and providing financial assistance for vacations. 

We are accepting applications for 2020. We will be making  an estimated 4 grant selections in 2020.

You are eligible to apply to the Angela Andrade Foundation if: 
  • You are a patient with metastatic breast cancer 
  • You are receiving treatment within the United States 
  • You are a permanent resident of the United States 
In order to apply for a grant, an applicant must mail a completed application to the address indicated below. 

Grants will be given in $1,800 increments. Grants will be given on an as needed basis. Recipients will be selected quarterly and must wait a year before applying for another grant from The Angela Andrade Foundation. The applicant must submit a completed application including confirmation from a healthcare provider. When possible, all grant payments will be made directly to service providers on behalf of the individual recipient. In some instances recipients may be eligible for reimbursement, but they must provide receipts prior to expense reimbursement. 

Please forward your application and required documents to