Angela Andrade Foundation

Angela Andrade Foundation - September 25 - RIP

September 25 - Angela's Bday - She would have been 48.
Imagine living with significant uncertainty about having another birthday, being alive to watch your children graduate from high school and struggling with a simple task of driving your kids.

AAF continues to provide Silver Linings of Hope to MBC patients who struggle and question being able to spend the next day with their loved ones. AAF has granted Silver Linings to over 55 women over the last 7 years.

AAF is delighted and appreciative to announce a commitment from an anonymous donor who will match $ for $ the next $4,800 in donations to AAF

The Angela Andrade Foundation is devoted to assisting metastatic breast cancer patients and their families to enjoy Angela's "silver linings."  The Angela Andrade Foundation enables patients to improve their quality of life from a grant of financial assistance.

The Angela Andrade Foundation has made over $80,000 in grants to 52 women since July 2015. The grants have ranged from paying outstanding medical bills, mortgage payments, children's tuition assistance and providing financial assistance for vacations and trips. The foundation will be making approximately 4 awards throughout 2022.

June 2022 Grant Recipient - Lauren, Age 30

AAF made a grant to Keirra to assist with childcare for her 2 small children.  "I want to be able to play with my boys and I am so pround of them. I want to give them all of my time and love while I can."

June 2022 Grant Recipient - Lauren, Age 39

AAF made a grant to Lauren to assist with her children and other financial needs.  Lauren says "Honestly, it has taken me some time to realize that this was going to be apart of my life, that I will have to overcome the fear of cancer being here."

March 2022 Grant Recipient - Latorcha, Age 45

AAF made a grant to Latorcha for a memorable vacation to Las Vegas, furniture and a TV. Latorcha says "I have never been to Las Vegas and I need to have a blessed moment I'll never forget. Thank you so much and God bless."

December 2021 Grant Recipient - Emelyn, Age 39

AAF made a grant to Emelyn for a family trip with her children. Emelyn says "I would love to take them to the Dallas World Aquarium and Six Flags Over Texas and give them some happy memories. I'm so excited and thankful. Thank you so much!"

September 2021 Grant Recipient - Rosa, Age 43

AAF made a grant to Rosa for assistance with some of her financial burdens including rent and clothes to help her raise her children. Rosa says "I feel truly blessed to receive your grant. When finding out I had cancer I felt hopeless and worried about my daughter's future. I am in a better place now."

August 2021 Grant Recipient - Esther, Age 48

AAF made a grant to Esther for assistance with some of her financial burdens including her daughters school and assisting her to accomplish her biggest dream of a healing journey to Malawi.  Esther says "Wow. I am beyond grateful.  This will help my family including taking care of a child with disability and praying for the child. Also will allow me to take one day at a time with a very positive attitude that everything will work out for good."

July 2021 Grant Recipient - Wenjie, Age 46

AAF made a grant to Wenjie for a family trip to visit with her grandmother and a trip to Catalina Island.  Wenjie says "My deep gratitude to you for having approved this grant to me.  It means a lot to me.  It came in such a good timing as I just returned home from a surgery. Like Angela, I accept the fact that there is no cure for Stage IV metastases, yet, I am hopeful it is treatable. The first time around, with the initial diagnosis of 2011, my motto was to fight to “beat” breast cancer. Since I’ve learned my recurrence and Stage IV metastases, I’ve changed my motto to fight to “make peace with” breast cancer." 

May 2020 Grant Recipient - Nidia, Age 40

AAF made a grant to Nidia for a family trip to Disneyland with her 3 kids of under the age of 7.  Nidia says "we have been cooped up at home since March and so bummed about not being able to do anything (we know is for own good but tell that to a 15 month old and 5 and 7yr old).  This is something we can look forward too. God bless you for the work you do to give a family a little bit of joy in the middle of difficult moments."

March 2020 Grant Recipient - Jonasia, Age 36

AAF made a grant to Jonaisa for assistance with her medical bills and everyday expenses. Jonasia says, "Hi, I would like to thank you for your kindness and financial funding during my time of need. I really appreciate it, be blessed!"

November 2019 Grant Recipient - Enedelia, Age 32

AAF made a grant to Enedelia for her to move from Texas to North Carolina to be closer to the UNC Cancer Center. Enedelia says " I want to say thank you so much to everyone involved in helping me and helping everyone in need. You can't imagine how happy i was to receive this email from you, it is a really big help for my kids and i in the situation we are currently going thru. "

September 2019 Grant Recipient - Angela, Age 45

AAF made a grant to Angela for her to travel to MD Anderson for treatment and surgery from her home in Kentucky. Angela says " I believe in finding the beauty in all of life's journey's. I believe I am still here and able to protect and support my sons for a reason. I believe we choose our happiness and we have the ability to smile, regardless of how awful we may feel."

February 2019 Grant Recipient - Maria, Age 44

AAF made a grant to Maria for her and her family to use for a trip to Universal Studios. Maria states"just please let Angela Andrade Foundation know that this is just aswesom what they doing ?? Everyone that gets diagnosed go through sooo much !! A lot of changes in life...either make you or brake you!!""

As a thank you Maria wrote "I have no words to express how grateful and appreciative we are... I called my kids and started telling them and just said God is good !! just please let Angela Andrade Foundation know that this is just awesome what they are doing !!"

April 2019 Grant Recipient - Jane, Age 43

AAF made a grant to Jane for her and her family to have new pots for cooking and to purchase organic non gmo foods to support her health. Jane says " this gift would help buy alkaline water to drink, viatmins to support chemo pills and help with cleaning the house."

June 2019 Grant Recipient - April Age 46

AAF made a grant to April to take a trip to New York to get a second opinion and see if she can qualify for a clinical trial. April says " While I enjoy spending time with my children (3 ages 5, 9, and 12), my treatment often causes fatigue and I have pain from my bone tumors."

 Donors please visit Silver Linings to see the amazing direct impact you can make on patients with metastatic breast cancer.

Click HERE to download the grant guidelines and application form.

Grants can be awarded for any of the following purposes, but are not limited to: paying bills for medical expenses, housing rent/mortgage, car payment/insurance, food, family portraits to memorialize loved ones, vacations or trips, and tickets to amusement parks.